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Welcome to Verita, a multiplayer game that draws from Chess and is fun packed with cool new features!

There are two ways for you to win the game :

  1. One of your pieces should enter your opponent’s colored square (their base). The colored square is distinctly colored RED or BLUE, guarded by walls and at the other end of the map.
  2. Destroy all of your opponent’s pieces, including or not including your opponent’s Bulldozer piece. This means that if all of your opponents non-Bulldozer pieces are dead, you win automatically.

There are multiple different aspects to the game that include a variety of pieces (some similar to chess and some different), a different map and a unique talent system!

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The opponents occupy opposite sides of the map.

Bottom left is RED and top right is BLUE.

The colored square on the two opposite corners are the bases of each side. One way to win the game is to get one of your pieces into your opponent’s base before they can do the same.

Your Side Of The Map

The yellow squares along the diagonal in the middle are neutral squares. These neutral squares have significance for the Fortify ability.

Squares between you and the neutral squares are considered ‘you side of the map’.

Guarding Walls

Guarding each base are TWO LAYERS of walls that need to be broken down before an enemy piece can enter.

The only piece on the board that can destroy walls is the Bulldozer piece.

The Bulldozer automatically destroys walls when it reaches an adjacent square.

Piece Respawn Square

Once your piece dies, it will respawn after a specific number of turns. The respawn square is marked by this symbol. You have to be careful with respawns because when a piece respawns, it will DESTROY any piece already occupying the respawn square.

Respawn Timer

The respawn indicator shows you the next 2 pieces that are going to respawn and the number of turns remaining for them to respawn. The respawn timer is CUMULATIVE, meaning the respawn time of each dead piece stacks on top of the respawn time of the already dead pieces.


Respawns in 7 turns


Moves exactly like the Queen in Chess.

Can move in all directions for any number of squares.

Respawns in 4 turns


Moves exactly like the Rook in Chess.

Can only move horizontally and vertically for any number of squares.

Respawns in 4 turns


Moves exactly like the Bishop  in Chess.

Can only move sideways for any number of squares.

Respawns in 3 turns


Can move in all directions but can only move 1 square.

Can only kill pieces when it is moving sideways.

Respawns in 2 turns


You and your opponent each have a Bulldozer piece that moves 2 spaces at the start of your turn. (Since the BLUE team gets the first turn, to offset that advantage, the Blue Bulldozer does not move at the start of the first BLUE turn)

In addition to walls, the Bulldozer will destroy any piece that comes in its way (EVEN YOUR OWN).

The Bulldozer can be killed like any other piece and goes away when all enemy walls are destroyed.

Bulldozer’s Path : The Bulldozer traces this path always, destroying pieces and walls in its way.

The Bulldozer will destroy walls automatically in this order as it moves along its path.

To destroy a wall, the Bulldozer must occupy an adjacent square in the previous turn.

Only one wall can be destroyed per turn.


In each turn, you have the option of either moving one of your pieces or using one of your Talents.

Each Talent is unique in the effect it has on the board.

Additionally, each talent has a cooldown. This means that once used a talent is available for use only after the specified number of turns.

You have the liberty to use 3 different Talents 0f your choosing. Talents can be chosen by going to the ‘Talents’ option in the Main Menu.

Two talents are shown to your opponent at the start of the game. The third remains hidden till its first use.

Cooldown : 2 Turns

Rook Bishop Swap

Swaps the position of the Rook and the Bishop.

If one of either the Rook or Bishop is dead, then using this talent will cause the other piece to teleport to the starting square of the dead piece (provided that square is empty).

Cooldown : 6 Turns

Canon Defender

Instantly kills a random enemy piece on your side of the board.

Your side of the board is demarcated by the yellow squares along the diagonal in the middle.

Cooldown : 12 Turns


Makes one of your pieces that is currently on one of your neutral pieces invulnerable to being killed by another piece. (Cannot fortify Bulldozer).

Fortified pieces will stay fortified until moved.

Only one of your pieces can be fortified at a time.

Cooldown : 4 Turns

Double Move

Allows you to move your Superpawns two times this turn.

You can only move Superpawns this turn.

Cooldown : 12 Turns


UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE one of your current pieces. When the upgraded or downgraded piece dies, the original piece respawns with the timer of the dying piece.

If you UPGRADE a piece using this talent, the new piece that spawns is corrupted and will die on its own in the specified number of turns.

Cooldown : 4 Turns

Stone Pieces

Turns all your pieces into stone, making them invulnerable to capture by another piece (except the Bulldozer) till the start of your next turn.

Using this ability DOES NOT end the turn.

Bulldozer and Canon Defender can penetrate the invulnerability.

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